An Industry Leader in Africa

APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 20,300 employees on five continents which includes 65 operating port and terminal facilities in 39 countries, and over 160 Inland Services operations in 47 countries. The company provides port management and operations to over 60 liner shipping customers who serve the world’s leading importers and exporters of containerized and other cargoes.

APM Terminals by the Numbers

  • Countries: 79
  • Geographic Administrative Groupings: 6
  • Employees: 20,600
  • Operating Port and Terminal Interests: 79
  • New port projects in development: 7
  • Inland Services locations: 165
  • Annual Revenue in 2013: $4.3 billion
  • Containers handled in 2013: 36.3 million
  • TEUs (weighted by equity share)
  • Size of global container market in
  • 2013: 643 million TEUs

The Future for Global Trade

  • Total global GDP has been projected to surpass $76 trillion USD in 2014, and exceed $100 trillion by 2019.
  • Emerging and developing economies now account for more than half (50.4%) of global economic output, and nearly two fifths (38.9%) of all exports of goods and services.
  • As this share of world trade grows, terminal infrastructure and investment will become increasingly important for African growth

The APM Terminals View

  • To responsibly accommodate anticipated trade volumes in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, development must proceed in concert with environmental concerns as well as sensitivity to local, regional and national circumstances and needs.
  • APM Terminals continues to invest selectively in new projects and in existing terminal expansion, particularly in high growth African markets.
  • We remain committed to the highest standards of customer service, corporate governance, sustainable environmental business practices
  • We are committed to hiring the most dedicated and highly trained African personnel around the world in order to meet the demands of the container transportation industry with the world’s only truly Global Terminal Network.


APM Terminals aspires to unlock growth for society and our business. We are driven to reduce barriers to trade, to invest in education and improve our social and environmental performance. We approach sustainability from three angles – economic, environmental and social – striving to create value on all three fronts. We are committed to the UN Global Compact’s Principles, and to mitigate our most material environmental and social risks in our businesses and in the communities that surround our businesses globally. 

Sustainable port development 
We design sustainability and optimized safety performance into our terminals and other operations from initial concept to operational implementation. Striving for the best possible outcome for our business and society means taking into account our interaction with communities and the natural environment . We aim to avoid, reduce or mitigate potential negative impacts and we manage this through a process called Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).